Evolution of Leading with Teams

Evolution of Leading with Teams

Has your business hit a growth ceiling and you are finding it difficult to break through? If so, it may be time to look at your leadership structure.

With the speed of business today, the game has changed. Perhaps you are playing the game with an old set of rules? Historically, "managers" became prevalent in American businesses more than 100 years ago with the rise of the industrial revolution. Owners of large corporations needed help with things like quality control, labor specialization and more. It wasn't until 50 years later that "leadership" emerged.

Businesses realized they needed more than just management, they needed leaders to help make crucial decisions and support the workforce. In today's digital age, a new form of leadership has emerged... "teams." The pace of business is so fast, just having leaders or managers is not enough. Everyone has a voice, but is it truly heard? Collaboration is key to success, now more than ever. The team approach will move your business further and faster. The companies with the best teams will always win!

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