Customer Service Team

Since the launch of our business, the Customer Service team at LunsPro Home Inspection have been an essential part of our organization, working selflessly to provide a frictionless experience to homebuyers across Georgia. Whether the initial contact is an email, web-inquiry, or an inbound call, our representatives work meticulously with each contact to identify the customers needs and facilitate a viable solution.

Through our state-of-the-art platform, we collect all relevant data starting with the property address, square footage, property age, and foundation type to ensure that each client has the clarity they need to make an informed decision about their potential investment. In addition to these essential elements, our staff goes above and beyond the call conveying the importance of Radon testing, Mold and Air Quality Testing, Sewer Scope Inspections and Termite and Pest Evaluations establishing a peace of mind for the buyer that the property is a safe and secure place for their family to call home.

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