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Helping Realtors Become Resale Home Experts

The 3 hour Resale Home Expert workshop is designed to help Realtors identify Safety, Systems, and Structural strengths and defects of a home. Below you will find detailed information and resources on the major home components that you can reference when previewing a home before going under contract and getting a thorough Home Inspection.

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The roof is one of the most expensive components of a home. When looking for a home it is important to know what type of roofing material was installed, when it was installed, and the current condition.

Types of Roof Coverings:

  • Asphalt (architectural)
  • Asphalt (3-tab)
  • Wood shingles and shakes
  • Metal roofing
  • Clay and Slate shingles

Roof Coverings

a grey brick wall

Asphalt (Architectural)

Life Expectancy: 30 years

a cobblestone road with a cobblestone cobblestone sidewalk

Asphalt (3-tab)

Life Expectancy: 20 years

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Metal Roof

Life Expectancy: 40 to 80 years

Roof Deterioration

When asphalt shingles begin to lose their granular covering and start to curl, the shingles should be replaced.

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Curled Shingles

a cracked road with cracks

Granule Loss

a close up of a roof

Curled Shingles

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