Ensuring Perfection: Unveiling Hidden Issues in New Construction Homes

Ensuring Perfection: Unveiling Hidden Issues in New Construction Homes

At LunsPro Inspection Group, our ASHI-certified inspectors like Scott T. are committed to thorough examinations that leave no stone unturned, even in new construction homes where perfection is expected. In our latest spotlight, we delve into Scott's keen observations during a recent inspection, emphasizing the critical importance of splash blocks at the bottom of gutters.

New construction homes often evoke visions of flawless design and construction, but the reality is that even the newest builds can harbor hidden issues. During his meticulous inspection, Scott T. encountered a scenario that highlights the importance of seemingly small details like splash blocks.

Splash blocks, while seemingly insignificant to the untrained eye, play a crucial role in directing water away from the home's foundation. Scott's trained eye immediately caught signs of erosion near the home's foundation due to inadequate splash blocks. This erosion not only compromises the structural integrity of the property but also opens doors for unwanted guests—both in the form of critters and water.

As an ASHI-certified inspector, Scott understands that these seemingly minor details can have significant consequences if overlooked. His thorough assessment not only identified the erosion issue but also provided actionable recommendations to mitigate further damage and potential risks to the home.

At LunsPro Inspection Group, we prioritize the comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of a property, especially in new construction homes where details like splash blocks can be easily missed. Our goal is to empower homeowners with the knowledge they need to protect their investments and ensure a safe living environment.

Stay tuned for more insights from Scott T. and our team of expert inspectors as we continue to uphold our commitment to excellence in home inspections. Trust LunsPro Inspection Group for thorough, reliable, and insightful inspections for all your property needs.

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