New Construction Finds

New Construction Finds

Exploring new construction properties brings to light both the promising and the unexpected. Join Ashi-Certified Inspector Scott T. as he delves into a pristine space that holds a few noteworthy findings.

Amid the beauty of the property, a keen eye reveals subtle yet significant details. In one corner of a window, a crack emerges, seemingly innocent but carrying the potential to compromise the seal's integrity. It's a reminder that even seemingly minor flaws can have broader implications.

Moving to the bathroom, another discovery emerges—the shower is not draining as it should. Such a finding serves as a reminder of the importance of functional plumbing systems and proper installation practices in new construction.

Inspector Scott T.'s insights highlight the meticulous nature of property inspections. At LunsPro Home Inspections, we're committed to providing homeowners with thorough evaluations that empower them with a comprehensive understanding of their investment. Uncovering the nuances of new construction, ensuring that every aspect of your property meets the highest standards of quality and functionality is what we do best.

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