New Construction Flat Grading

New Construction Flat Grading

In the realm of new construction inspections, attention to even the smallest details is paramount to ensure a property's long-term integrity. During a recent assessment carried out by LunsPro Home Inspections, Ashi-Certified Inspector Greg B. uncovered a noteworthy grading issue pertaining to the yard.

In this case, the yard showcased a flat gradient, a common feature in many properties. However, Inspector Greg B. noted a critical distinction: after recent rainfall, the center of the yard remained dry, whereas the portion adjacent to the foundation appeared to be wet. This finding raises concerns as the dampness near the foundation could potentially impact the property's structural stability over time.

Improper yard grading can lead to water accumulation and inadequate drainage around the foundation. This excess moisture can seep into the soil and potentially affect the foundation's stability, causing issues such as settling, cracking, and even potential water intrusion.

Inspector Greg B.'s insightful observation underscores the pivotal role of proper yard grading in safeguarding the long-term health of a property. LunsPro Home Inspections' commitment to meticulous evaluations serves as a testament to their dedication to providing homeowners with thorough insights that contribute to informed decisions about their investment. Addressing yard grading concerns proactively can help prevent potential foundation-related issues down the line.

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