water leak from the 2nd floor

Proactive Detection

In the realm of home inspections, precision and advanced technology can make all the difference. Meet Ashi-Certified Inspector Mike Smith from LunsPro Home Inspections, a seasoned professional committed to delivering thorough and cutting-edge assessments.

During a recent home inspection, Mike Smith encountered a seemingly innocuous stain on the interior ceiling. What might have been dismissed as a minor cosmetic issue became a pivotal moment in the inspection process. Mike, armed with his expertise and state-of-the-art tools, went the extra mile to uncover the hidden truth.

Deploying an Infrared Camera, Mike identified a substantial leak originating from the plumbing within the ceiling. This advanced technology allowed him to visualize the extent of the issue beyond what the naked eye could perceive. It's this level of diligence and commitment to utilizing the latest tools that sets LunsPro Home Inspections apart.

But Mike didn't stop there. Recognizing the need for precision, he moved to the stairs armed with a moisture reader. The reading showed a concerning 48%, signaling potential water damage that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Mike's dedication to leveraging technology for a comprehensive inspection ensures that no stone is left unturned.

This scenario underscores the importance of having a qualified professional who not only relies on experience but embraces technological advancements for a more accurate assessment. LunsPro Home Inspections, with inspectors like Mike Smith, provides clients with the assurance that potential issues are detected early, allowing for timely and informed decision-making.

Choose the home inspection team that goes beyond the basics, invests in cutting-edge technology, and is committed to your peace of mind. Choose LunsPro Home Inspections, where expertise meets innovation.

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