The “S” Trap

The “S” Trap

In the world of home inspections, plumbing intricacies can reveal unexpected challenges. Journey with Ashi-Certified Inspector Wes O. as he uncovers a concerning plumbing issue during an inspection—a "S" Trap in lieu of the necessary "P" Trap.

While it might seem like a minor detail, the distinction between these traps carries significant implications. A "S" Trap is designed in a way that can lead to the seal breaking, potentially allowing harmful sewer gases to escape and permeate the environment.

Inspector Wes O.'s discovery serves as a reminder that even seemingly small deviations from proper plumbing practices can lead to substantial problems. LunsPro Home Inspections is dedicated to providing homeowners with thorough insights that empower them to address potential hazards and make informed decisions about their property's upkeep.

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