Why is a Sewer Scope Imperative

Why is a Sewer Scope imperative?

A sewer scope is imperative for assessing the condition of sewer lines, as discovered by Ashi-Certified Inspector Britt B., particularly when new construction is involved. In this case, the distance of 77 feet from the house raises concerns about the integrity of the sewer line. The separation of the new line from the remaining clay line left from the previous house demolition is a critical issue.

A sewer scope inspection can reveal potential problems such as misalignment, cracks, root intrusion, or other defects that might affect the new sewer line's functionality and longevity. Identifying issues early can prevent costly repairs and minimize disruptions later on.

Given the distance and separation, it's crucial to ensure that the new sewer line is properly connected and functioning without compromising the existing infrastructure. A comprehensive sewer scope provides valuable insights to make informed decisions, safeguarding the integrity of the sewage system and the property as a whole.

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