How does LunsPro guarantee an outstanding EPIC service during each inspection?

How does LunsPro guarantee an outstanding EPIC service during each inspection?

Ensuring EPIC Service: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at LunsPro's Inspection Process

Curious about how LunsPro consistently delivers exceptional EPIC service during every inspection? Join us on a journey as Director of Services and Operations, Jeff A., along with Team Lead Ashi-Certified Inspector Joe M. and Ashi-Certified Inspector Paul S., guide you through our outstanding process. In this post, we'll provide insights into our quality checks and practices that set us apart.

The Inspection Process: In a recently documented video, Joe M. showcases a routine quality check that ensures our inspections meet the highest standards. Simultaneously, Paul Sheehy takes you through a field quality check where he not only inspects the home but also ensures the delivery of EPIC-quality service.

Weekly Standard Practices: At LunsPro, maintaining excellence is a weekly commitment. Our standard quality practices are executed diligently, with different team leads overseeing inspectors. This ensures that our inspectors are consistently meeting the benchmarks we've set for EPIC service.

Paul's Inspection Findings: During a recent inspection, Paul S. uncovered noteworthy details that exemplify our commitment to thorough examinations. He identified significant rust and corrosion on the furnace of a 2003 home, highlighting the importance of our meticulous approach to uncovering potential issues for our clients.

At LunsPro, our dedication to delivering EPIC service goes beyond words. Through routine quality checks, field inspections, and weekly standard practices, we aim to provide our clients with the highest level of confidence in their property investments. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes glimpses into how LunsPro is redefining the home inspection experience.

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