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The Importance of a Condo Inspection

The Crucial Role of Condo Inspections: Unveiling Hidden Concerns with Jeff and Mike.

Embarking on the journey of purchasing a condo? Safety and system inspections are paramount in ensuring your investment is a secure and wise one. In this blog post, join Director of Services and Operations, Jeff A., and Ashi-Certified Inspector, Mike S., as they shed light on the importance of a thorough condo inspection.

The ITE Electrical Panel Challenge: In a recent video, our experts uncovered a critical concern during a condo inspection. The services panel inspection revealed an ITE Electrical Panel that has been faithfully serving the condo for 38 years. Jeff and Mike delve into the inspection process, showcasing rust and corrosion found on some of the wiring. This emphasizes the significance of assessing the safety and reliability of electrical systems, especially in older properties.

In-Depth System Analysis: Beyond the electrical panel, our inspectors meticulously examined other vital systems within the condo. From the hot water heater to the interior HVAC unit, the use of infrared technology allowed us to identify potential issues before they escalate. Watch as our team scans for hotspots, ensuring your condo is equipped with safe and efficient systems.

Temperature Checks for Peace of Mind: Temperature readings are a key component of our inspections. In this case, the infrared technology revealed a reassuring 65 degrees in the electrical panel, falling within the optimal range. Additionally, a temperature reading of 130 degrees from the faucet showcased a well-functioning hot water system. These insights provide you with confidence in the functionality of your condo's essential components.

A condo inspection with LunsPro goes beyond the surface, uncovering hidden concerns that could impact your safety and financial investment. Trust Jeff A. and Mike S. to guide you through the process, ensuring a thorough examination of safety, systems, and overall property health.

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