Spectora Inspection Report Features

Inspection Report Features

LunsPro Home Inspections utilizes Spectora report writing software to offer comprehensive and user-friendly home inspection reports. Here are some key features of our reports:

  1. Detailed Findings: Our reports provide a thorough examination of the property, highlighting all relevant findings, including structural components, mechanical systems, and safety concerns.
  2. High-Resolution Media: The reports include high-quality images and videos to visually illustrate inspection findings, enhancing clarity and understanding for clients.
  3. Interactive Format: Spectora's interactive design allows clients to easily navigate through the report, making it simple to review specific sections and access important information.
  4. Summary and Action Items: A concise summary section consolidates critical findings, helping clients prioritize necessary repairs and understand the overall condition of the property.
  5. Repair Request Builder: Using the software, we create a repair request list directly from the inspection report, streamlining communication between realtors, clients, and sellers.
  6. Mobile Accessibility: Spectora reports are mobile-friendly, allowing clients to access and review reports conveniently on their smartphones or tablets.
  7. PDF and HTML Formats: Reports are available in both PDF and HTML formats, making it easy to share and view on different devices.

LunsPro Home Inspections' utilization of Spectora report writing ensures that our inspection reports are professional, informative, and accessible, empowering our clients to make confident and informed decisions about their properties.

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