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LunsPro Repair Request Builder

With Spectora home inspection report writing software, building a repair request is quick and straightforward, taking just seconds. After conducting the home inspection, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Spectora software and access the inspection report for the property in question.
  2. Review the report to identify the items that require repair or further attention.
  3. In the software, click on the "Create Repair Request" option, which allows you to compile a list of requested repairs based on the inspection findings.
  4. Select the specific items from the report that you want to include in the repair request.
  5. Customize the repair request to add any additional notes or details, if necessary.
  6. Save and generate the repair request document, which can be shared directly with the client, or the appropriate parties involved in the real estate transaction.

With Spectora's user-friendly interface and efficient features, creating a repair request becomes a seamless process, saving you valuable time and ensuring clear communication with your clients and stakeholders.

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